Electronic circuits design, development, implementation. Prototyping, small and large scale production. From low voltage signal processing to power control technology.

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Measurement and automation

Data acquisition systems, industrial automation, machine vision, PLC, HMI, embedded systems, GSM, GPS, GPRS, WIFI.

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C, C + +, C #, Java, multiple environments (GUI, Web), PC-side Interface for embedded systems, data collection, processing, analysis, database (Postgres, MySQL), front-end, back-end development.

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Laser measurement, telecommunications, industrial laser, area defense, technology spectacular

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About us

I established the company in 2011. Our company mainly undertakes industrial electronics , electrics, lasertechnical , information technology, security , information technology , GIS , robotics and industrial automation in various development projects.
I was interested in electronics in my childhood so I has been built and elevated my knowledge consciously. 
I have been ham radio activist since 1997 so there is not so far away from me the high-frequency signals also. I have designed several proprietary transceiver, RF small signal and large signal amplifier , control electronics and antennas.
I have graduated as an electrical engineer in 2004. on sound engineer specialist in Kando Polytechnic Electrical Engineering Faculcy Budapest .After that I expanded my experience in various fields such as commercial broadcast, studio constuction and development of customized audio devices.
I worked in the Laser Theatre in Budapest from 2005 in a development team , where I met the world of lasers and I has been an active user of several laser development.
In 2007 I started lighting technology and industrial development of high-voltage equipment to work with. It includes LED lighting technology as well.
I have been working with switching power circuits design and development since 2009. It concern the high-performance power supplies, battery chargers and power amplifiers .
I am motivated to design stronger and more durable devices so the users can very happy and pleased to use maintenance even after years without repair .